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Terms & Conditions


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Terms & Conditions
july 2014


The General Terms & Conditions are an integrated part of the contract between the participant and Burrotrek. Bookings can only be done in writing. For minors we need the signature of the parent or legal guardian. When booking, the participant accepts these Terms & Conditions. The mutual rights and responsibilities of the parties in the contract are exclusively regulated by the Terms & Conditions, subject to aberrant written agreements. With the acceptance of Burrotrek, the participant receives a written confirmation of the booking. All details of the booking are bound by these Terms & Conditions.


After receipt of our booking confirmation/invoice a deposit of 30% of the full price per participant is to be paid within 14 days. 14 days before the trail starts the remainder of the cost of the trail is to be paid. If the booking is within 14 days before the trail starts or with amounts less than 200 Euros, the full payment is due with receipt of the booking confirmation. When booking a shared room, if there is no one to share with (due to cancellation or the lack of a room sharer) the participant will be charged a single supplement.
Based on the description on our website ( the range of services we provide are only available upon written confirmation from Burrotrek. Additional arrangements can only be made in writing.
Cancellation by the participant
Withdrawal from the contract is possible at any time before the commencement of the trail. Cancellation must be done in writing. When cancelling the following sums of the total amount are to be paid by the participant:

To 40 before the trail – 30% of the trail price
From 30 to 39 days before the trail – 40% of the trail price
From 20 to 29 days before the trail – 50% of the trail price
From 10 to 19 days before the trail – 65% of the trail price
Within 9 days before the trail – 85% of the trail price

If the participant does not appear on the day of the trail or cancels on the day of the trail, then the amount due is 100% of the trail price.
The participant can send a replacement person if that person suits the requirements of Burrotrek. In that case there is a charge of 50 Euros. If the participant wishes to change the date of the booking, the cancellation chart applies. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

Cancellation by Burrotrek

If the minimum participant number is not reached, Burrotrek can cancel the trail up to 14 days before the trail starts. All payments by the participant will be refunded. If there are important organisational or personal reasons, Burrotrek can cancel or discontinue a trail at any time. In that case the participant will receive a refund for any services not provided less cancellation costs. Other claims excluded. If the participant is not fit enough for the trail or it has been judged that his/her skills or health are not suitable for the requirements of the trail, Burrotrek can withdraw from the contract without notice. If the participant does not pay in time or is disturbing the performance of the trail, despite warning, he/she can be excluded from the trail at any time without entitlement to damages. The participant is then responsible for their own travel home. Burrotrek reserve the right to keep the full cost of the trail.

Warranties and disclaimers of the tour operator

Burrotrek agrees, within reasonable limits, to provide the agreed services, accurate trail descriptions, the careful selection and scrutiny of service providers and the complete delivery of the overall services.
It is pointed out explicitly that horse/donkey riding is a risk activity. The participation in all activities is at the rider’s own risk. Burrotrek and its tour guides do not accept liability for any accident or injury to any persons or for any damage to pieces of riding/sports equipment. The participant is responsible for insuring themselves against all occurring risks. We strongly recommend baggage insurance (e.g. against damage or loss) plus accident, illness, recovery, repatriation and liability insurance. The wearing of a safety helmet is mandatory for all horse/donkey riding activities. Burrotrek reserves the right to exclude participants who disregard the wearing of a safety helmet. With regards to the impact of weather conditions and the personal ability of the participant, Burrotrek cannot guarantee that any trail will be carried out exactly as it is described in the program. At the time of planning, the routes of the trails were based on the current road traffic regulations. Burrotrek can not be held liable for any later changes to these regulations.
Burrotrek liability for the loss or damage to baggage will be limited to twice the total cost of the holiday. With regards to the services of third parties (e.g. hotels), Burrotrek only acts as a broker and does not accept liability for the quality and supply of their services. Burrotrek do not accept responsibility for cancellation of any trail due to adverse weather conditions and will not offer compensation under these circumstances. Special transfers due to any person being unable to hike with the group are at the expense of the participant.

Travel formalities / Health

The traveller is responsible for his/her own arrival and departure and the compliance with regulations concerning passports and visas, as well as any mandatory vaccinations. All expenditures and disadvantages due to non-compliance are at the expense of the traveller. When registering, the participant confirms that there are no existing health issues which prohibit his/her participation in Burrotreks activities.

General remarks

Complaints should be reported immediately on site, so that the responsible person can deal with the matter. Claims for compensation are to be sent in writing within 30 days of the end of the holiday. Burrotrek reserves the right to make changes to the program and prices and to correct any falsities and misprints. The participant commits to respectful behaviour towards his group and to accept reasonable decisions made by Burrotreks’ staff. A great deal of time and cost is spent on planning the routes for the trails. The routes are an essential part of our offer and Burrotrek therefore prohibits the recording of these routes. The tour operator can exclude any participant, for the benefit of the group, if the efficient running of the trail is endangered by the participant’s actions.


Carrer de l’Esglesia 1, 17754 Rabós d’Empordà (Girona), Spanien