Donkey trekking

6-Day Self-Guided Donkey Hike – “On the way to the Mediterranean Sea”


From village to village to the sea. A pleasant walk.


Short Description

This walk takes you from the foot of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea. You discover the inland area of the Costa Brava. Our friendly donkeys accompany you from one accommodation to the next, through picturesque villages, idyllic olive groves, surrounded by vineyards, through the Albera Nature Park until you finally reach the Mediterranean sea. It is here, on the last day of the hike, that you can discover the small, idyllic coves of the nature reserve “Cap Ras”. Stop and relax. The difficulty of this hike does not really require any prior experience in handling of a donkey, nevertheless, we recommend newcomers to make the first day of the hike accompanied by an experienced donkey guide. But anyhow, before you depart we will give you the proper instruction required, explain how to properly care for, pack and lead the donkeys. If there are any problems we are of course always immediately ready to help.


The Hike


Day 1: Arrival

The holiday starts right after the arrival: Roberto the host of the small, idyllically located country hotel “Pati de l`Albera” in St. Climent Sescebes will welcome you there. Once here you can first relax! Depending on arrival and availability, it is possible to make a part of the introduction already.


Day 2: Let’s go!

Destination: Donkey Rach – St. Climent Sescebes

Distance: 7.5 km

Height: ↑ ↓ +50 / -50

The donkey hike starts at the Burrotrek donkey ranch, about 3 km from the accommodation. If you don’t have a own car for the transfer, we can pick you up at the accommodation.

The first step is to get to know our donkeys! You can learn all about the wonderful animals, their character and small, lovable stupidities. In the end, both humans and animal have to feel at ease with each other! Well prepared you then start on the first hike. To get accustomed to the situation we chose a simple route.

This leads to a small winery “La Vinyeta”.  Anyone who wants to can get a delicious lunch served there. From there, the trail passes through a charming village surrounded by vineyards and olive groves (Mollet de Peralada). The healing thermal springs of St.Climent de Sescebes are the last item on today’s agenda. The hike ends in Sant Climent at the accommodation.

Burrotrek Esel am Gras fressen


Day 3 – Menhir and Dolmen

Destination: St. Climent Sesebes – Espolla

Distance: 10 km

Height: ↑ ↓ + 200/-170

Along the l’Anyet river the path goes to Vilartoli, a picturesque village nestled in the beautiful landscape of the old Empordà. Of course you also pass through the Albera National Park. Menhir and dolmen give the landscape a mystical touch, and the fragrance of thyme and rosemary is omnipresent. Past a small lake you can reach Espolla, a Mediterranean village and valued wine growing area of our region. The former castle of the village (Can Salas) is tonight’s accommodation. Self-catering or a restaurant visit: both are possible!

      Menhir de la murtra 2Vilartoli- Pueblos y senderos


Day 4 – Through the Nature Park

Destination: Espolla – Rabòs

Distance: 9 km

Height: ↑ ↓ +180 / -200

The Orlina river accompanies today’s path. The goal is a wonderfully located picnic area on the banks of the river. There is the possibility of a botanical tour through the middle of wild nature, along the river. This tour has a length of 2.3 kilometers – the donkey may take a break during this time.

Continue through the enchanting Albera Natue Park. One of the impressive inhabitants of park is the Golden Eagle, which draws its extensive rounds in the blue sky. The fantastic view of the Gulf of Roses thrills any nature lover. Continue downhill, past dolmen, unspoiled nature and always in the direct vicinity of the river. We are approaching the home of the Mediterranean tortoise and the medieval village Rabós, which is nestled into a terraced hill. Our destination for the night is the “Bed & Breakfast Rabós”.

Eselwandern an der Costa Brava
Rabós d' Empordà

Day 5 – To the abandoned monastery

Destination: Rabós-Vilamaniscle

Distance: 15km (optional 12km)

Elevation: ↑↓ + 350/-300

Today’s hike offers a fabulous backdrop amidst lonely nature. From Rabós, the trail leads up to the highest point of the tour at 437m above sea level, and down to the Valley of Sant Quirze de Colera. Here stands a monastery from the year 935. In this enchanting place, hidden between rugged mountains, one feels transported to another era and far away from civilization (no cell phone reception ;-)). In addition to the monastery, there is a restaurant where hikers can stop and sample typical Catalan cuisine.

Now the path leads us out of the valley again. Across cow pastures and through cork oak forests, we finally reach civilisation again and thus our accommodation in Vilamaniscle! Here you can unwind and enjoy the sunset on the terrace with a perfect panoramic view!


4d Eselwandern mit Kindern     4d Packeselwanderung entlang Weinfeldern-Garriguella


Day 6 – Let’s go to the Beach!

Destination: Vilamaniscle- Colera

Distance: 14km

Height: ↑ ↓ + 290/-350

Today you can expect the sea! The path leads you over the Sierra through a deserted, hidden valley. Ancient Ruins stand as witnesses of bygone eras. The barren landscape has its very special charm! The view lies on the blue Mediterranean sea, all the way to the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula (Cap de Creus) where the mountains plunge into the sea.

Continue past the ruins of a castle and the abandoned village of Molina. From here you wander down into the valley to the village Colera, located by the sea. Here your hotel and an individual dinner await you. Looking at the waves and walking along the beach, the day ends perfectly.

5d Entspannendes Wandern mit Packesel     5d Familienurlaub am Meer


Day 7 – At the Beach

Destination: Colera – Colera (round trip)

Distance: 7km

Height: ↑ ↓ +80 / -80

This day is all about the sea. You are walking along the beach and discovering small bays. If you like, walk part of the way barefoot and enjoy the feeling of the sand under your feet.

The Nature Reserve Cap Ras with its rugged cliffs and its vegetation, which has been shaped by the winds, is very close. Go on a small excursion to this place, it is worth it! Whoever wants to take a more relaxed approach, however, can take a break and relax on the beach.

6d Eselwandern am Meer- Cap Ras     6d Eselwandern Cap de Creus


Day 8 – Adios Amigos

Today we say goodbye! A wonderful time with the donkeys in a lovely region lies behind you and you are on your way home. Maybe you will find your way back to us and our donkeys in Catalonia soon? We would be delighted!

Hasta la vista!




– Maximum number of participants: 10 people

– The trail is, except in the hot summer months (July-August) available throughout the year and the dates are freely selectable if donkeys are available, .

– Transport cost for this trail for 1-2 donkeys: € 50.00

– Please when you do the booking of the accommodation specify them, that you do a donkey trekking with Burrotrek.

– If you wish that we organize the accommodation, that’s no problem, but we have to charge an administration fee and Taxes. Accommodations have to be paid in cash after arriving there.

– For lunch, there is the possibility to buy food in the shops in the villages(Sant Climent, Espolla, Rabós, Colera) or from most accommodations it is possible to get a pick-nick. If you want a pick-nick, please inform the accomodation in advance.

– For dinner every eavening you can have a meal in a restaurant near the accomodation. Except in Rabós and Vilamaniscle, here you have to organize yourself in the evening. In the Casas Rurales you can use the kitchen. You can also order Normas Catering in the first 4 Accommodations.

– For the walk, we recommend the map of Alt Emporda, Editorial Alpina, 1: 50’000

– The trail can be walked in both directions

Prices for the donkey hire you find here

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Organize your donkey trekking:

Check the website Rent a donkey. Here you will find information about prices and how the trails are organized.


Reservation of accommodation :

1rst and 2and night in Sant Climent Sescebes: Cal Peó

Web: Cal Peo
Tel: 0034/ 671 90 73 08
Double room: 75€

3th night Espolla in Can Salas

Tel: 0034/ 660 15 47 47
Double room 65€/night, including breakfast.

4th night in Rabós: Casa Rabós

Tel: + 34 972 56 39 03 / + 34 664 52 03 36
Double room 66€/night.

5th night inVilamaniscle: El Penell

Tel: 0034/ 653 023 812
E- Mail:
Studio 65€ (exkl. Breakfast)


6th and 7th nightColera: Hostal Totsompops

Tel: 0034/ 972 389 196 oder 0034/ 645 955 830
E- Mail:
Double room 76€/night, including breakfast.

* If you want to leave after the last hiking day, you have to book only the 6th night in Colera

* Prices of accommodations without guarante



Getting to Sant Climent Sescebes:

Adress: Cal Peó, Barri del Vic 2, 17751 Sant Climent Sescebes, Girona, Spain

By car: From NII LaJonquera- Barcelona exit Capmany, Rosas on GI 602 about 9 km until Sant Climent.

By public transport from Figueres: to Sant Climent Sescebes.

By Taxi: in the Trainstation in Figueres there are Taxis available


Trail Map - On the way to the Mediterranean Sea