Donkey trekking

Introductory course for donkey driver


Care and handling of the donkeys


Bruna und Neki,

Holidays with children

The donkey driver introductory course is intended for all people who want to learn more about donkeys, be it because you are recently a Donkey owner, because you want to rent a donkey for a walk or because you just want to know more about the long ears.


In the introductory course you will learn the “Basic know-how” about donkeys:

– General knowledge about donkeys
– Nutrition
– Fur and Hoof Care
– Packing the donkey
– Communication
– Lead a donkey
– General Tips and Tricks for the donkey hike and route planning



about 3 hours



Adults € 35 / children 25 €


*The course is also available for 1-2 persons, the minimum price for the activity is 90€. From 3 persons the prices mentioned will be applied

* Special prices for groups and associations