5 – 7 Day Trekking: ” Albera-Mountain-Tour “


Family friendly hiking with donkeys in the wilderness, a special holiday! A guided donkey tour.


Description of the route

Fancy an adventure? Desire pure nature? Ready to exchange the convenience of civilization against the luxury of the simple life midst unspoiled nature? Eagerly awaiting romantically adventurous experiences? Then the Albera-Mountain-Trail is just right for you.

The pack donkey trekking takes you through the Albera nature park up to its highest peak, Puig Neulos (1250 m). You cannot experience any more freedom! A breathtaking panorama – reaching from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean to Spain and France – imprint themselves an unforgettable moment. The combined beauty of our area is shown from up here on a “panoramic view “.

Mediterranean maquis, mystical cork and beech forests, alpine meadows, dolmen, menhir and medieval castles provide magnificent, Mediterranean scenery. This is the real Catalonia, which – not far from the sea and beach – extends into the interior. The sunrise over the sea, the fragrant air, the rippling crystal clear streams, always side by side with the donkey, who faithfully accompanies you: We don’t promise a special experience, we know it is!

The Albera-Mountain-Tour is suitable for adults and families with migrant joyful children who want to enjoy their holidays in a very special way. With the donkeys we walk through secluded forest paths, and on narrow forest and hiking trails. On this donkey tour there are always parts of the route on which the small children can ride the donkeys. All in all, this trek is a wonderful nature experience for the whole family! Ideally, the donkey trekking tour is followed by a seaside holiday.


Day 1: Mystery & History at the Foot of the Mountain

Destination: Espolla – Requesens
Distance: 13.6 km
Height: +

We start our adventure near the village Espolla. Here we meet our donkeys and learn how to handle them properly. The aim is to know how to properly care for the donkey and how to pack it, because they should also feel fine during the hike.

At a leisurely pace we walk slightly uphill to the medieval castle Requesens, a seemingly impregnable castle on a hill. An impressive sight!
We pass through a cork oak forest and walk past the impressive formations of granite stone. This landscape is unique and exudes an almost mystical spell. We take a break by a small river and bathe in its delightfully cool water.


With the “new energy” we continue until we reach our quarters for the night, a unarden mountain hut behind the castel of Requesens. With views of the castle, we set up our tent and feel like the knights of the past….

Esel und Menhir        Espolla auf Eselwanderung


Day 2 – Off to the mountain!

Destination: Requesens – Coll d’Ullat
Distance: 11 km
Height: +650 / -100

After a hearty breakfast we are ready for the mountain. Our trail leads us further up through beech and chestnut forests. Step by step we arrive to a pass below the summit. The pass forms the border between France and Spain! Here on an alpine meadow, high on the ridge, it is just too inviting for a rest and we get rewarded with a magnificent view.

On the French side, we descend again until we reach the Gîte d’Etape les Alberes, our accommodation on the Pass Coll d’Ullat. Today we enjoy the soft bed and the cooked dinner. With the wonderful view of the French coast and mountain scenery, we end the day.

abt 2. Albera-Girona-Costa Brava


Day 3 – So Close to the Eagles! On the Summit of the Mountain

Destination:  Coll d’Ullat – Colomates
Distance: 13 km
Height: +792 / -458

With packed saddlebags on the donkeys we start uphill again. The summit of the Albera mountain range, the Puig Neulos (1250 m above sea level) is our first destination today. Up here we have a 360 ° panorama. Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, as far as the eye can see!

We continue along the ridge of the mountain, over beautiful mountain meadows and through magical beech forests with ancient trees. On the way, we meet some native Albera cows, who enjoy an almost wild life.

At the end of today’s trek, we reach on the north side of the mountain the hidden hirtmans hut of Colomates, which provides shelter for the night. An idyllic place that invites you to linger. Far away from stress and civilization. Only the rippling of the river and the singing birds can be heard. Pure nature!


Panorama Alt Empordà auf Eselwanderung     3. Eselwandern Summit

Day 4 – Fairytale Forests and Secluded Nature

Destination: Colomates- Requesens (Mirapols)
Distance: 10,1 km
Height: +436/ – 636

A new day dawns. Breakfast, packing, cleaning, saddling and loading, … ready for the onward journey!

First, we go a part back on the way which we came, until we reach the pass, here a path leads us down again on the south side of the mountain.

On a mountain saddle we feel again like a bird, with sight as far as the eye can see.
Shortly after that, we reach the ruins of an abandoned hamlet. Nearby we hear a rippling river with clear mountain water. What a wonderful place to spend the night! What’s better than listening to the owls in the moonlight under the starry sky and slowly sinking into the dreamland!


Märchenwald auf EsewanderungDonkey trekking spain


 Day 5 – Back at Sea Level

Destination: Requesens – Espolla
Distance: 11,3 km
Height: +379 / – 687

Today is our last day! We walk down, the landscape becomes Mediterranean and the spicy scent of wild herbs accompanies us on our way. Along the way we see the Empordà plane and the Gulf of Roses. To the left and right of the trail you will find hidden between bushes and cork oaks, another 6000 year old dolmens. Finally, on a historic path between stone walls, we return to civilization, in the hamlet Els Vilars.

With some sadness we take on the last kilometers to espolla Here we end the trail and we have to say goodbye to our loyal, friendly companions! Adios Amigos!


Wandern mit Eseln im Naturpark Albera   abt- 5. Der Weg ist das Ziel




It is possible to hike for a total of seven days and start and end the donkey trek in Garriguella:

First day

Destination: Garriguella – Sant Climent Sescebes
Distance: 12.8 km
Height: + 125 / – 97

In Garriguella, where our donkeys live, the hike begins. About 15 kilometers behind us, the Mediterranean Sea. In front of us our destination, the Sierra de l’Albera. From here, to the west, the Pyrenees extend, on the horizon we see the summits almost 3000 meters above sea level.

The hike takes us  through the wine growing area of ​​Empordà. Between olivegroves, vineyards and through Mediterranean landscape we reach Mollet de Peralada, a small village. From here we finally reach Sant Climent Sescebes where we can spend the night in a cozy accommodation in the middle of the village.

(on the second day, you will go from Sant’Climent Sescebes direct to Requesens)

Last day

Destination: Espolla- Garriguella
Distance: 9.9 km
Height: + 339 / – 348

After a hearty breakfast in the accommodation in Espolla, we load our dnkeysand set out for the final stage. The landscape is again very Mediterranean, on the one hand there are the centuries-old olive groves, on the other hand, the wild bush landscape that characterize the image to Garriguella.

On the way we pass through the picturesque village of Rabós. Here we meander through the narrow streets and cross over an old stone bridge the river Orlina. Under the stone bridge, not only the native turtles sunbathe, when the weather is nice, we also can enjoy a wonderful bath.

All in all a wonderful last day of hiking!



– Living and hiking with donkeys
– Medieval Castle Requesens
– Swimming in refreshing mountain streams
– Sleeping under the stars (as desired with or without a tent)
– Stunning views of the sea
– Highest mountain of the Albera mountain range, Puig Neulos (1250 m above sea level) with stunning panoramic views
– Border crossing France – Spain
– The little picturesque villages Rabós and Espolla with its narrow streets and stone houses
– Dolmen and menhir from the time of the Celts
– Bodega tour and taste testing at a small organic farm
– Cork oak forest with impressive granite rocks
– Magical beech, chestnut and oak forests
– Alpine vegetation – alpine meadows with grazing cows and a view of the Mediterranean sea



– Travel time for the Albera Berg Tour: end of March to end of June and September to beginning of November

– The tour can be run in both directions.

– On the tour it is important to inform yourself about the weather conditions. In very bad weather,  route changes can be necessary.

– For this tour, the necessary camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, stove, …) is to bring on your own, also the food for the trekking must be brought (at 5d: 3x breakfast, 5x lunch, 3x dinner, snacks)

– On most days it is only possible to fill up the bottles with drinking water once, so you have to carry enough water bottles. A water filter or tablets are usefull.

– Transport of the donkey to Espolla and back to Garriguella: 34 € (1-3 donkeys)

– To start the first day early enough early, it is recommendable to arrive the day before to check the tour and get to know the donkey

– Maps: Editorial Alpina, Alt Empordà, Escala 1: 50,000

– Please specify when booking the accommodations that you will do a donkey trekking with Burrotrek.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!




Espolla: Can Salas

Tel: 0034/660 15 47 47
Price: Double room 65 € / night incl. Breakfast

Coll d’Ullat: Chalet de l’Albere

Tel .: 04 68 83 62 20
Prices: Overnight in a shared room
1/2 pension: 38 €
Full board: 52 €
Overnight: 15 €
Breakfast: 7 €
Overnight and 1 meal: 32 €
Pick-nick: 9 €

Garriguella: Can Coll

Tel: 0034/666 227 422 or 0034/972 530 116
Prices: Double room 72 € / night incl. Breakfast

Sant Climent Sescebes:

Tel: 0034/972 545 182
Prices: Double room 48 € / night incl. Breakfast

* Prices of accommodation without guarantee


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