Donkey trekking

Donkey Trekking


Discovering the world at the donkey’s pace


What is “trekking with donkeys”?

Eseltrekking Spanien

Donkey trekking is much more than just walking with a donkey. It is an adventure in which you not only discover beautiful scenery and exercise, but in which you learn a lot about donkeys and about yourself, because the animals hold up a kind of mirror to us and give very honest feedback on how we appear and communicate. If we are a bit hesitant, the donkey might just stop or if we are

insecure about crossing a stream, the donkey will also become insecure.

If you accept that having a donkey with you sometimes means work, you have a safe and loyal companion who will accompany you, carry your belongings and create a loving bond with you.

Donkey treks are an experience for everyone, whether you are a child or an adult, in groups or alone. And this on walks that take us through the romantic nature of Catalonia, through half-forgotten valleys, up to the peaks of the Pyrenees or to the cliffs of the Costa Brava.
Hiking in itself brings relaxation, and with a donkey as a companion it is even easier to forget the worries of everyday life. The journey is the destination… and the donkey trekking is an exciting and unique way to be on the move.


What are the different routes?

Eseltour am MittelmeerWe offer everything from one-hour donkey rides to week-long excursions, guided or self-guided. Very different comfort options are possible. If you have a particularly adventurous character, set off with tent and food, say goodbye to civilisation for a few days and roam the countryside with everything you need.

On the other hand, it is possible to move from one accommodation to another. During the day you will still be in isolated nature, and once you arrive at your destination, you will discover the magic of the old villages of the Alt Empordà. If you don’t want to cook, you can also choose a full board tour. On this website you will find some tour ideas, but we are also happy to advise you and make personalised suggestions.


What are the requirements for the donkey trail?

Pause auf der Eselwanderung

Basically, you must be physically fit to be able to complete the planned walks without any problems. It is important to keep in mind that walking with a donkey, you will travel at a different pace – sometimes less is more! Younger children can be carried by the donkey for a while if they are tired. And older children will be more motivated to walk when an animal companion walks with them.

In addition to the physical requirements, a sense of adventure, flexibility, determination and composure are good basic qualities for dealing with donkeys. After all, a lot can happen on a donkey journey. The pack donkey is not a luggage transport machine – if you travel with a donkey, you do not simply have an animal at the other end of the rope that always follows without complaint. As a donkey guide, you also have to be willing to interact with an animal that has its own personality and sometimes different priorities.


Is it possible to go trekking without previous experience with donkeys?

Yes, in our experience, even these treks are usually a success. However, if there is a lack of previous experience, it is absolutely advisable to go hiking on the first day with a donkey instructor, so that the active holiday is a pleasure for everyone involved. In doing so, you learn to give the right impulses so that the donkey does not block and stop or constantly wants to eat. As a learning day, for example, a circular walk is ideal, after which the other walking days can be self-guided.