Donkey trekking

Donkey riding with children

Eselreiten in Garriguella

Burrotrek- Eselreiten

An excursion for the whole family!


The donkey rides are a great idea to offer the children a varied, educational and exciting activity.

On the donkey ranch we offer short donkey rides for families. Together we will groom and saddle the donkeys to get to know them before the ride. Then we walk over the wild hills, fields and forests. The children can ride the donkeys, but they can also learn to lead the donkeys. The adults support them as a co-pilot. The walks are accompanied by an experienced donkey guide.




1h: 18 € / donkey

2h: 30 € / donkey


  • For children from about 3 years (up to max. 65 kg).
  • It is recommended that each child should be accompanied by at least one adult.
  • In the period of one or two hours, all associated activities to the donkey rieding are included. To have time to relate with the donkeys, to find out more about them, to take care of them and to saddle them, for us  naturally forms part of the activity of a donkey ride.
  • The prices are calculated per donkey, independently of the number of accompanying persons.
  • For a donkey ride a reservation by phone is enough.
  • Donkey rideing is possible all year round!