Rent a donkey

Rent a donkey


In addition to guided and organized tours, we also offer the opportunity to rent donkeys for hiking and trekking. Our experienced donkeys accompany you so on your own personal tour, either with your family, with friends or traveling alone with a donkey.

For renting a donkey you don’t have to be a donkey-profi, but some experience and knowledge is still needed. That’s why we offer a small introductory course, to better understand the donkeys and convey the “donkeys-know-how” that it needs to prevent bad surprises on a hike with a donkey. (more. ..)

Of course, we provide advice on route planning and are available for advices and help if needed on the road.

Organize your trekking:

How does it work:

1. Check the availability of the donkeys and make a reservation by or 0034/633 576 272. Tell us the way do you want to go, the date (from … to …), and the number of donkeys you want to take on the hike.

2. Reserve the accommodation (for you and the donkeys, please inform the accomodations that you do a donkey trekking with Burrotrek)

3. After you get the booking confirmation of the accommodation, make the definite booking for the donkey/s completing the reservation form. Please tell us when and where you will stay.


* 30% of the donkey rent is to be payd in advance for the Reservation. The balance must be paid before departure by donkey in cash or by bank transfer to burrotrek.

* If you wish that we organize the accommodation, that’s no problem, but we have to charge an administration fee and Taxes. Normally accommodations have to be paid in cash after arriving there.


Prices per Donkey – 2023/24

Days                                   1 donkey/d                      2 donkeys or more/d

1/2 day                              50 €                                       40€
1 day                                   75 €                                       65 €
2 days                                70 €                                       60 €
3 days                                68 €                                       58 €

More then 4 days 65 €/d per donkey,    55 €/d with several donkeys

More then 10 days 60€/d per donkey,    50 €/d with several donkeys

For longer trips, please request the price.


Includes: Introduction to the donkey care and handling, donkey with packsaddle and saddle bags, halters and ropes, care utensils for donkey, personal tour on GPS, food for donkeys, assistance if necessary

Exclusive: Hiking Map (for small tours copies available), meals, accommodation, transport


Guided tours

If you have no experience in handling donkeys or horses and you are planning a multi-day tour, we recommend that you do the first day accompanied by a donkey professional.

Prices for the additional service:

Introductory day as a round trip: 80 €

Introductory day with another destination: € 100


If you would like to go on a multi-day tour accompanied by a donkey guide, for example with a larger group, with many children or to gain more experience in donkey handling, this is also possible. Please ask for price.


Donkey transport service


If you want to do a longer tour or you want to be on the road in another hiking area and a transport of the donkey is necessary, it’s no problem. We will pick you up or take you to where you want to do the route.

Price per km 1€.